Drake & Nicole Scherzinger Spotted on a Date??

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Did Drake and Nicole Scherzinger go on a date…if you believe Media Takeout then yes they totally went on a date, but if you believe Nicole then no they were just in the same restaurant at the same time.

MediaTakeOut.com just got OFFICIAL confirmation – rapper DRAKE went on a date two nights ago, with former Pussycat Doll Nicole Sherzinger!!!

According to a staff member at Cecconi’s restaurant in West Hollywood, who is an MTOer, the couple had “a romantic dinner” in a private booth. The couple then left separately, so that paparazzi couldn’t snap any pics of them together.

FYI, this ain’t rumor – it’s FACT. We can’t say for certain that Drizzy SMASHED . . . or that they’re ‘DATING’ but we can say with 100% CERTAINTY, that they went on a date!!!

But Nicole tweeted,

Wow, now anyone that happens to be in the same restaurant is linked to me.

She did just breakup with her boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton! So….

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