Drake Tells Nicki Minaj He’s ‘Glad’ They Are Friends Again In Billboard Speech!

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Nicki Mianj may have slayed the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, but it was Drake who gave us the best awww moment when he shared that he was ‘happy’ to be on good terms with Nicki Minaj again. After the Canada rapper jumped on stage to accept his award for Top 200 Billboard album for Views he said, “You know I had a close friend of mine that didn’t support my album but then supported other people’s stuff. And I asked them why, and their response was, ‘I don’t want to look thirsty and you get enough love as it is.’ ”“It made me think,” Drake continued. “You know it’s crazy because we’re all here on earth for a limited amount of time and we’ve got to show love while we’re here.”

“So tonight, I want to say — Vanessa Hudgens, you look incredible tonight. I want to say, Ludacris — I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye but I’ve always been a big fan of yours. I got a lot of love for you. I want to let you know that face to face while I’m still here. I want to say, Nicki Minaj — I’m so glad we found our way back because I love you and I could never ever ever see it any other way. I want to say Lil Wayne, if it wasn’t for the risks you took, none of us would be here tonight,”Minaj could be seen mouthing to Drake from the audience, “Thank you. I love you. I love you.”

In case you forgot Nicki and Drake had a falling out over her ex-Meek Mill after he accused Drake of not writing his own raps. Ouch. Congrats to Drake on his 13 wins!

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