Emma Roberts Puts College on Hold!

Emma Roberts was supposed to head back to Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxsville this semester, but has put that on hold for now since she is doing two films this year!

Sarah Lawrence College will be without its most famous co-ed this semester — Emma Roberts is deferring.

“She is taking time off to shoot two films,” Roberts’ rep tells Us Weekly.

The Scream 4 star and English lit major began her freshman year in September 2011. When Us spoke to Roberts in November, the 20-year-old actress admitted she struggled to balance her busy schedule.

“It’s a lot,” Roberts admitted. “It’s more the traveling that’s the hard part, the going back and forth. I was just in L.A. and now I’m here in New York, and now I have to go back to L.A.”

What made Roberts decide to pursue higher education? “I just wanted to get away from everything for awhile and try something new, explore some other stuff,” she said.

Photo from PR Photos