Erica Mena Says Fight With Kimbella on ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Heavily Edited!

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Erica Mena has come out swinging again, this time not so violent! Erica dished to Cherry Martinez of New York’s Power 105 radio station that there was a lot more to the conversation than just the few minutes we saw (there always is) and she says really it came down to the comparisons between her career and Kimbella’s and she says there was no comparison…but she does feel bad about getting violent!

“The scene was definitely condensed to one sound bite. A lot of the dialogue between me and Kimbella was left on the cutting room floor,” Erica told Cherry Martinez of New York’s Power 105 radio station.

“What was left out was that my career was being compared to hers, and that was kind of a big no-no,” said Erica who has been featured in XXL and King magazines and in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger and Roca Wear, according to her site.

Although she feels Kimbella’s comparison to her was way off, Erica’s not using that as an excuse for her behavior.

“I don’t condone the violence; I’m not a violent person. We’re mothers. We’re grown women…. If I could take it back, I would.

“It got the best of me. That whole scene just ruined my whole mission in a sense, for right now,” said Erica who said earlier this week that VH1 has ruined her career.

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