Eyelash curlers: What would I do without them?

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I love mascara but my eyelashes stick straight out so I need an eyelash curler. My eyelashes have no curl, on the other hand my boyfriend has curly lashes but he doesn’t appreciate them because is a man and he could care less. My eyelash curler is one of my favorite beauty items. I feel as though curling my eyelashes and then putting on some mascara really opens up my eyes. I like the fluttery thing that my lashes do when I have on mascara. Some people just use mascara and no curler but I need an eyelash curler for more impact!!!! I have the regular ol’ Revlon eyelash curler. There are so many other eyelash curlers, but I think that my Revlon eyelash curler ($4, drugstore.com)  does the trick at the best price. What’s you favorite eyelash curler?

Photo from Revlon

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