How to get that Glowy look without tanning

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I want to look glowy…refreshed…flushed but not necessarily tan (although I love a nice tan). We don’t always have to use artificial tanning (lotions and sprays, not the tanning beds) to get that glow. We can use makeup. There are all kinds of makeup that can help us achieve that healthy glow we want like bronzing powders, lip glosses, cheek bronzers, blush and eye shadow palettes. Look for makeup with a bronze or gold base (because the whole point of tanning is to look golden or bronze, but not like a statue). Check out some the makeup below to get that tanned look without the tan.

I used to be all about the tan but as I have gotten older (and I know all that I do) I know that I need to protect my skin from the sun… I always use SPF.


P.S. I used to have a class (in college) where this girl looked orange…literally…who was she kidding with that color. It was so obviously fake and horrible. I didn’t know her personally but why didn’t one of her friends tell her something. I think she was addicted to tanning, I hope she got over it.

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