Free Drake Concert in NYC Ends in Riot…Gets Cancelled!!

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Let’s face it Drake is super hot right now and I think having a free concert was a super mistake given the small venue and huge crowd. Did the promoters think only a small crowd would show up…to a FREE concert?  But come on…some people just ruin things for everyone else…chair and bottles were thrown from a balcony to the crowd below which led to a riot and the NYPD had to cancel the concert plus, Drake was also very late.

“I am humbled by the crowd that showed up in support of my performance and the release of Thank Me Later,” Drake told MTV News in a statement. “I love performing for my fans, but unfortunately, the show was canceled by the NYPD due to overcrowding, leaving me without the chance to give my fans a real show. I’m thankful for the support that the fans have been giving me … I thank you now.”

PS. Did you see those people on the canopy…did they not know that was made of fabric and could break?

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