Gel Moisturizers

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I usually use a moisturizer lotion (with SPF) in the morning after I shower. It doesn’t feel too heavy now but I know in the hotter months it will feel heavier. So I recently came across “gel moisturizers”. Since gels are usually lighter than lotions or creams, they would be good for summer, oilier skin or for nights. Gels tend to absorb better and faster into the skin. I don’t know if they offer gel moisturizers with SPF but they should.

The Shu Uemura reinforcing gel lotion (above, $32) is used for age prevention. It keeps the skin firm and hydrated, accelerates skin turnover and enhances cell renewal, collagen production and blood circulation.

I didn’t find too many gel moisturizers but I did find one drugstore buy…Phisoderm Clarifying gel facial moisturizer (under $5 at It’s good for acne prone skin since it doesn’t have heavy oils in it.

When it comes to skin we need to learn to conserve it. I believe that people should begin skincare regimens in their youth (early teen). SPF should be a must from infancy.

Would you consider using a gel moisturizer instead of a lotion or cream?

Photo from Shu Uemura and Phisoderm

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