Review’d: ‘Heat Rush’ by Beyonce

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Beyonce is one of those artists that you can’t stop talking about…what is she wearing, when she is coming out with music, how does she always look so luminous…are just a few things we can talk about with Beyonce and for me its how does she smell?  My guess was sweet…like her personality!

“I created Heat Rush to bring the feeling of warmth and sensuality to every woman who wears it. It’s feminine and sexy, fresh and beautiful,”


I was just looking for a summer fragrance and I found it in  Beyonce’s Heat Rush. You would think that with a name like Heat Rush that the fragrance would be like bam  in your face, but its soooo not– its a soft, sweet  almost powdery scent and I can smell hints of orange. Like almost every other fragrance when you first spray the fragrance there is a blast of scent, but then it settles and its beautiful.

The Heat Rush fragrance comes in a sexy orange bottle…which is unexpected, but its bright and bold.

Top Notes: Passion Fruit, Blood Orange and Brazilian Cherry

Middle: Yellow Tiger Orchid, Mango Blossom and orange Hibiscus

Base: Teak wood, Honey Amber, Musk

Retail Price: $24-59 (.5 oz-3.4oz, Macys)

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