Gigi Hadid Dismisses Drug Use Rumor!

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2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Celebration in New York City

Rising model Gigi Hadid was forced to address a recent rumor that she was seen using drugs at a Victoria’s Secret Pink event over the weekend in Miami. Hadid directed her anger at the blog, Ocean Up who claims to have the model was doing cocaine at the party. 

“@OCEANUP you are the pits of the world. It’s very sad that you need to go to those lengths for someone to maybe read your sh*t blog. If u actually watch the video there is nothing on the counter .5 sec’s before you see that image.. It’s not only impossible but insane to me. Besides for doing the supposed in general, I’d be an idiot to do that at a WORK EVENT in front of hundreds of people/press. I’m insulted. I take pride in being a good role model, would never touch that, & will not stand for or put up with a little piece of scum blog like OU.”

Well there you have it!

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