Gina Rodriguez Passes On Stereotypical Latino Roles!

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The Paley Center for Media's Hollywood Tribute to Hispanic Achievements in Television

Yas, Gina Rodriguez may be Latina, but that’s not all she is and she’s not willing to compromise just for the money she tells Marie Claire.“I decided I was going to take roles that progressed the image of Latinos in the industry, and I was going to choose those roles over money. I wanted to make sure I was contributing positively and not allowing limitations to dampen my experiences and my journey.”

Gina also talked her inspiring and passionate 2015 Golden Globes speech! “I didn’t have the guts to write anything down, but my heart knew what it wanted to say all along. My father always says that if you don’t lie, you never have to remember anything. When I’m honest or real, that’s when life goes best for me.”

Gina popped up on our radar with Jane The Virgin and has been making moves ever since. But in all honesty, as a Hispanic woman, I have to applaud those TV and movie pioneers before Gina who had to hustle to even get that maid role and little by little they made it mainstream. The struggle was real!

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