Did a Guy Try To Snap a Pic of Jake Gyllenhaal in a Bathroom?

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WTF, Jake Gyllenhaal attended the musical and film festival South by Southwest this week and a “fan” tried to snap a picture of him in the bathroom…such a violation. At least wait for him to walk out of the bathroom. Jeez! Jake allegedly talked the guy and he deleted the photo!

According to TMZ,

Jake Gyllenhaal was the victim of a serious Guy Code violation during a screening of his movie “Source Code” at SXSW — when a guy tried to take his picture … in the bathroom!

We’re told Jake was in the restroom, doing his thing, when a guy snapped off a pic. Not cool!

Although there are rumors a fight went down, we’re told Jake simply talked to the guy — who understood his mistake — and eventually the pic was deleted.

Guess the guy realized it was a sh*tty thing to do.

Would you try to take a picture of a celebrity in the bathroom?

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