Gwen Stefani Went Makeup Free For ‘Used To Love Me’


Gwen Stefani is known for her ruby red lips, but she scaled back for her ‘Used To Love Me’ video and wore absolutely no makeup and she was FLAWLESS!

“I didn’t even do makeup,” Gwen told Us Weekly. “We had been rehearsing all day, we just did it for the screens like behind and it just came out. It was just amazing. So it’s been amazing to have like you know even someone like you that I don’t know but I can feel that you saw it and that you understand it. Like that feels good to me. It’s like comfort. You know what I mean? And I love doing music and having that. It’s like I’m giving you something and then you’re giving me something.”

Side note…Gwen and Blake Shelton were spotted hanging out for Halloween. Hmmm trying to stir the ‘are they dating’ pot?