In a Hair Rut…L’Oreal to the Rescue…

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So are you in a hair rut…I am…and I needed some idea’s…enter L’Oreal! L’Oreal just launched a new site, where you can upload pictures of your hairdo’s and give a how-to of your style or you can look at other people’s hair ideas. Fun!! I have been checking out what I should do with my hair since its boring! So I challenged myself to do three different styles over three days. Challenge yourself to a change!

Day 1 Smooth & Sleek

I went for an original, straight hair with body! I blow dryed my hair with a round brush, section by section. I dabbed a little mousse ( L’Oreal Studio Line Springing Curls Mousse) for added texture to the roots (at the crowne of my head) as I dried my hair because I knew I may curl my hair for my next hair style so I needed a little heft to my super fine hair. End with a little hairspray (L’Oreal Studio Line Mega Hairspray Max Hold) to tame frizzy hair (uh, humidity).

Day 2 Easy Waves (Daytime Look)

I took my hair up a notch by curling my hair with a 2 inch curling iron for a fun flirty look with a little pop. I used a little hair putty ( L’Oreal Studio Line Overworked Hair Putty) for separation and definition and I ended the look with long lasting hair spray (L’Oreal Studio Line Mega Hairspray Max Hold)!

Day 3 Waves with a touch of Snooki & Spice  (Evening Look)

I re-curled any curls that had drooped overnight and I added a little Snooki bump in the front of my hair (with a teasing comb) and I left some tendrils out. I teased the crown of my hair and then secured my bump with a few bobby pins and added a cute headband, (H&M). And then added some Hairspray (L’Oreal Studio Line Mega Hairspray Max Hold)!

And I am done! The looks took me no time at all, but my laziness had led me to a hair rut! So, I challenge you to do something different with your hair this week and then show off your new do or if you have an old favorite you turn to when you want to spice up your looks and upload them toy the L’Oreal’s hair inspiration site,! All the L’Oreal Studio Line products are very affordable and under $5, plus have you check out the new product line design…all black and super sleek!

Price: $4.99 and under for the Studio Line products, check the L’Oreal site for coupons!!!

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