7 Ways To Rock The Modern Shag Haircut

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modern shag haircut 2019
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It’s here… springtime and we are definitely overall this cold winter weather. After wearing hats, scarves, and hoodie sweaters all winter its time to reevaluate our hair situation. And now that the flowers are beginning to bud so should your inspiration for a new beginning— with your hair! Last year the lob and curtain bangs were all the rage (and they still are), but we have something new for you to consider…the modern shag haircut!

Now when you think of the shag haircut your memory might take you the 70’s with the Carol Brady hair, but that’s not quite the look anymore. The shag hairstyle is a mix of Bridget Bardot, Jane Fonda, and Debbie Harry rolled into one, but with a 2019 modern twist! There was even a 90’s shag—remember “The Rachel” from Friends. Yup, that was a variation of the shag for that time period! But things are changing!

2019’s Modern Shag Hairstyle

According to Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin her clients are looking for more short shaggy styles like Hailey Baldwin Bieber, “Tell your stylist you want a lot of movement and texture, especially toward the ends and in the fringe,” Atkin tells Allure Magazine. For a shaggy look, she uses the Ouai Wave Spray and lets the hair “do its thing.” She tames flyaways and adds moisture with her Ouai Finishing Crème.

The modern shag has a ton of layers and a very lived-in look (think rougher ends) and you might add curtains bangs if you would like. The new shag is not fussy, but it’s totally textured and you will definitely need a jar of pomade for a piecey look.

So let’s get started and see what’s the best modern shag for you! You might just want to add the modern shag in 2019 to your new hair inspo list.

The Curtain Bang Shag

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The curtain shag might be one of the most recognizable Shag cuts.  Its when your bangs cover your face and cradle your brows just like like Alexa Chung and Chloë Grace Moretz! The bangs are heavy. The style has a messy texture gives that sexy, but a super soft vibe. This is a classic shag that can take you from spring to fall and all the way back. It feels modern but timeless.

Best for: People who growing out their bangs!

The Short Bang Shag

modern shag
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If you may want a shag cut, but you also want to stand out from the crowd then you may look to try the short bang shag. With your bangs hitting above your brows it’s more of a statement cut. This cut is not for those who want a low maintenance style since styling your baby bangs is crucial.

Best for: People wanting a drastic change like Michelle Williams, but remember the style is higher maintenance since the bangs need to be styled.

The Sophisticated Shag

modern shag

Mandy Moore recently debuted her new haircut. It looks like a lob, but with a lot more edgy—so it enters the shag territory! Regardless its chic! Emma Stone and Julianne Hough also had a similar do a few years ago.

Best for: Anyone looking to update their lob or chopping off their longer hair!

The Updated Shag

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The Shag is usually littered with layers and the 70’s style was typically short on top and a little longer on the bottom which could give off a mullet vibe. The 2019 modern shag keeps the long layers short and just at the nape of the neck. Like Glee’s Dianna Agron and Taylor Swift.

Best for those looking to switch up their bob cuts!

The Shorter Shag

modern shag
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Sometimes you just want to show off your beautiful neck—opt for the shortest shag. Like a pixie but more layers and less obvious structure like Jennifer Lawrence’s hair.

Best for someone who wants a lower maintenance cut since it is short.

The Blended Shag

modern shag

Opt for the blended shag when you are growing out your long bob and bangs like with Nina Dobrev’s style. Switch up the lob and make it piecey like Nina. Nina’s stylist Chris McMillan told Allure that the best way to grow out a bob haircut is to add Face-framing layers and add a few long layers. “I always start with face-framing, then the long layers are created by just basically holding the hair up and cutting off the corners,” He said adding,  “She’s amazing. [Her hair] is actually a work in progress. Instead of bobbing her to let her bangs grow out I softened her blunt bangs and softened her bob to create a new shag look.”

Halle Berry’s slightly longer blended Shag gives her so much definition and volume. Its a fun, flirty look.

Best for anyone!

The Curly Shag

Modern shag
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Let your natural texture shine through with a curly shag. The shag can help curly haired ladies since it removes a lot of the weight from long curly hair like Zendaya and model Alanna Arrington.

Best for curly or wavy hair!

Styling a Shag

You will need a few hair tools and products to get your best shag hair! A texture spray like The Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is pretty pricey at $44 but it will be your best friend.  You may also want to pick up a pomade will give you that piecey look that you want when you have a textured haircut like a shag. It gives you that grit you need for a lasting hold. And don’t forget everyone needs a little hairspray, like Nexxus hairspray for some flexible hold.

And unless you are going heatless you should get a hairdryer. My dream dryer is the Dyson hair dryer but its a whopping $400. I have an Elechim 3900 That cost me about $100 on sale a few years ago, its $179 at Ulta right now. You may also need to use a flat iron or a curling iron to pump up your look when you want a little more messiness or to polish up your look!

The Modern Shag Haircut in 2019

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