Halle Berry’s Custody Battle Over Daughter Heats Up!!

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Halle Berry is preparing to have a custody battle against, Gabriel Aubrey, the father of her daughter, Nahla. Halle even  stepped down from movie, New Year’s Eve. I guess you never know what goes on behind closed doors . They seemed to be such great and communicative parents…so why Halle is very concerned over the safety of her daughter…hmmm makes you wonder? Is Gabriel unfit or is Halle just too overprotective? You decide!!

“Halle has serious concerns for her daughter’s well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time and is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her,” the actress’s rep tells PEOPLE.

To clear her schedule for custody litigation, Berry, 44, pulled out of the film New Year’s Eve, set to start filming this week in New York. She’s being replaced by Katherine Heigl.

“She has attempted to resolve these custody issues amicably with her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubry, directly, but given his lack of cooperation, Halle has no choice but to seek swift judicial intervention,” her rep says.

Aubrey, 35, filed court papers Dec. 30 seeking to be formally recognized as Nahla’s father and to establish that he’ll share custody. The couple split last April.

There was no word on what prompted the custody dispute.

Berry’s rep says, “Halle has always made the needs and safety of her daughter her first priority and, both while Halle and Gabriel were a couple and since their break-up, Halle has only acted in her daughter’s best interest.”

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