Has anyone seen the Bump it infomercial?

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Has anyone seen the Bump It ($19.99 for 2) infomercial? I saw it a long time ago and I didn’t pay any mind to it but then I saw it again and I was like that commercial is too funny. The girls all seem so forced in the commercial. For those who haven’t seen the commercial it’s a hair accessory…to create a little hair bump in the front of your head …like all girls do (myself included). But when you do the bump you have to tease the hair and spray it to keep the volume up but if you have the Bump it then it’s easier to get that little bump in your hair (all you really have to do its cover it). I think that it funny but at the same time it seems practical and easy to use. It might actually be something I would try but I don’t want to look like Peggy Bundy. Have you tried the Bump It?

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