Have You Done Your Spring Cleaning Yet?

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Well, Spring is here and I have yet to fully transition out of winter…well the weather on NYC is making it hard with this hot and cold weather but its time…Spring cleaning is here. I have tons to do with switching my closet from winter to spring, cleaning up, donating stuff and just general cleaning! Here are some tips I do for my spring cleaning.

Bedroom Edition

First of all I start with the transitioning my clothes and shoes:

Switch out my winter clothes for my spring/summer clothes.

-Put aside clothes for donation

-Put winter shoes like Uggs in the bottom of the stack…I stack my shoes in a corner…I have like no closet space.

Second I organize items like papers, makeup, etc:

-Sort mail, magazines, etc and file accordingly

I have a little desk in my bedroom and I like to put away my mail once I pay the bill and it goes in the filing cabinet.

-Every season I recycle old magazines I no longer want and break down boxes…like that Sephora box that has been hounding me!

-Organize makeup by type…all lipsticks go together.

Throw out old makeup and give away makeup you don’t like or don’t use… Eliminate clutter!!! Trust me it just takes over!

Put like things together…I learned that on some show…like all lotions and beauty products together, books together, cleaning supples together…etc!

Thirdly I do general cleaning (Weekly for Maintenance):

-For Example …mopping  the floor…sometimes with my Swiffer WetJet…even though I do find it wasteful…they should have  re-washable papers I can reuse.

-Surface cleaning of mirrors, my desk, TV and PC including the monitor and CPU…dust leads to overheating and my book shelf…really any smooth surface !

-I often use wipes like the the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes…I drop all kinds of things on my desk from food to drinks and the dust…I do almost everything at my desk!

-Get rid of trash…anything thats garbage throw out…don’t leave it for later because later becomes tomorrow and the next day!

-Sometimes I move my furniture to clean behind it but thats more work…once in a blue!!!

I think that an organized home is a happy one!

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