Selena Gomez Topless For V Magazine!

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Selena Gomez is looking all grown up and topless in the new cover for V magazine. She actually opened up about her tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber which began in 2010. Selena is rumored to be dating ZEDD, her “I Want You To Know” single collaborator.

“I was 18 years old, and it was my first love. The older I get, I’m guarding certain things more. After being put through the scrutiny, I understand what it is. When you’re young and you’re being told so many different things…it almost felt like all we had was each other, like the world was against us, in a way. It was really weird but it was incredible. I would never take it back in a million years. You live and you learn, you know?”

Selena seems happier this year. “I think this year is going to be incredible, I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life, but I mean, your 20s, good God. I’m super stoked that I’ve got some bumps on me, some scars, some bruises. I actually really love that. And I don’t mean that in a morbid way.”

Selena also touched on her rehab stint saying she stood home  a lot after departing the facility. “It just causes a lot of anxiety. There were a few months where I was a little depressed, where I wouldn’t leave as much. I love my home, it’s a really nice house and it’s the first home I’ve owned, so I have a music room and I have a nice kitchen and I kind of just stayed put for a while. I think I drove myself crazy for a little bit. My response was to stay in, which sucked. That’s what I was trying to fix this past year, I’m finally getting a little bit more comfortable. It’s a process.”

Wow I can’t believe that Selena might actually be over Justin.

Photo from V Magazine

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