Have you ever been to a dermatologist?

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A lot of people don’t go to a dermatologist. If you don’t think anything is wrong…why go, right? But if you go tanning or spend any time in the sun it’s safe to get checked out every so often (you can get moles or growths that weren’t there before and these things can lead to the Big C…Cancer). I am going to open up a lot here…when I was younger I had to go to a dermatologist for a condition on my back. I had these little dots on my back that weren’t that noticeable, but somewhat noticeable, at least to me. The dermatologist said it was Tinea Versicolor. It’s basically a fungus that grows on the top layers of your skin. It usually occurs to people in/from humid climates like the Caribbean. Though it sounds gross because it’s a fungus it not bad at least not to me…it affects me in no way except visually. The fungus cannot be transferred like other types of funguses.  It’s not curable but it can go away with medication. But it often comes back. I have to use a soap to keep it at bay. It’s a struggle for me especially in the summer months.

To see what Tinea Versicolor looks like or if you want more information on it check it out here.

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If you see anything different on your body that wasn’t there before…go to your Dermatologist…stat!

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