Have you ever made an impulse purchase…some eyeliner, a pair of shoes or a TATTOO (Megan Fox)?

MeganFox NYTimes

Megan Fox has said many crazy things during her interviews and usually I say…”Oh, those celebrities again” but now I said…”WTF”! I often mull over a pair of shoes that I may want for weeks…and Megan gets a Tattoo out of impulse! Hello it’s not a lipstick, its something that will be on your body forever unless you get it removed and I heard that’s painful!

While sitting down with the NYTimes, Megan revealed her impulse purchase,

“When I get tattoos I don’t necessarily think them out; I don’t put a lot of thought into them the way some people do. They’re sort of more impulsive purchases.”

Megan you never seize to amaze me…at least you keep people on their toes!

Photo from NY Times

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