Have you given up salon visits due to the economy?

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People have cut back on a lot of things due to the state of the economy. One luxury that a lot of people love is to get their hair done (wash, dry, style, cuts, color). According the LaTimes.com ,people have given up that luxury and have headed over to the discount salon and the hair color aisle at the local drugstore. People are becoming thriftier and have decided that having hair color out of a box is OK with them. I always use box color due to the fact that I have no money so I have never had the luxury. I have always wished I could get my hair done because i get lazy to do my hair myself…right now I have like two inches of dark roots but it’s ok because I have brown hair so it’s not too bad. Check out Glamour.com.

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  1. Stacey Derbinshire November 13, 2008
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