I finally got a Haircut!!!!

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I got a haircut Monday!!! I finally got up off my lazy booty and hit the salon. I keep running my fingers through it…ahhh less split ends. I have thin hair, I use a blow dryer and flat iron you know what that equals mega split ends. I probably just cut half of them off. I’m going to be 100 percent honest I don’t think I had gotten a real hair cut in probably 8 years. WOW!!!! Even I think that’s crazy. I am Hispanic and if you are Hispanic then you know that Dominican Hair Salon (down the block) that will work your hair into submission (whatever texture…from super fine to coarse). I’m from NY so there are Dominican salons all over. Not every salon knows how to work with all kinds of hair. Always try to find salons that know how to work with you hair type.

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