Is “Jersey Shore” being hated on by The Jersey Shore?

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The answer is yes! The Official Jersey Shore wants to have nothing to do with MTV’s Jersey Shore…lol! I find it humorous that everyone hates the Jersey Shore and yet its getting great rating…hmmm someone must be watching ( GUILTY!!!!).

In a statement Monday, the Borough of Seaside Heights said it “did not solicit, promote or participate in the filming” of the show. The statement also insisted that the show does not reflect the majority of its residents or visitors.

Italian-American civic groups and New Jersey lawmakers are claiming the show perpetuates negative stereotypes. Last week, the New Jersey Italian American Legislative Caucus sent a letter to the president of Viacom — MTV’s parent company — to request that the network take the “wildly offensive” show off the air immediately.

I guess the Jersey Shore is kinda embarrassed of MTV’s show and feels like they are being stereotyped but ummm…these kids didn’t make this stuff up. Their partying ways are probably the norm in at the Shore and now people are just embarrassed at what they look like. There was another MTV show that showed the same thing…I think it was a True Life E episode about the Jersey Shore. They didn’t talk about Guidos or Guidettes but they partied the same!!! I never thought I would be defending the show but it is what it is!

Oh yea…the top photo from Life & Style is a makeover shoot of the “Jersey Shore” cast as top celebs like Angelina and Brad…lol!

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