“Spider-Man” The Musical Just Got a Little Darker…Lead Actress Quits!!

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“Spider-Man” seems like a doomed musical despite all the efforts to keep it alive. Now, one of the leading ladies/actresses, Natalie Mendoza has decided to quit the musical. Mendoza was also injured on set, she suffered a concussion when a rope hit her head in November. Turn off the Lights seems very prophetic

According to the NYTimes,

Ms. Mendoza’s representatives and the producers of “Spider-Man” have been hammering out an exit agreement for days now, and an official statement is expected as early as Tuesday, the two people said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the producers have forbidden public comments given that lawyers and others are still fine-tuning the language to explain Ms. Mendoza’s departure, an artistic loss and embarrassing blow to the production.

Ms. Mendoza’s spokesman, Shea Martin, on Monday declined a request to interview the actress, and also declined to comment on her departure. Ms. Mendoza did not reply to messages sent to her on Monday morning. Her last performance was on Monday, Dec. 20; the production has said that she has been on vocal rest since then, under doctors’ orders. But she was also shaken by a bad accident that occurred mid-performance on Dec. 20 involving her castmate and friend, Christopher Tierney, according to a fellow actor in the musical.

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