Is Mel Gibson’s Career Over?

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I don’t know if Mel Gibson’s career is over, but he has been dropped from his talent agency and with all these tapes coming out he just looks like a drunk, abusive fool! He needs rehab! No longer is Mel the lovable actor…but an abuser!

According to RadarOnline

Mel Gibson, under investigation for domestic violence, admits to hitting Oksana Grigorieva and TWICE threatens to kill her in an explosive new audio tape obtained and released exclusively by

The enraged actor tells the mother of his eight-month old daughter Lucia “you deserved it” after she says that he hit her and broke her teeth.

The tapes are explicit…Listen to tapes here, here and here! Beware of language!

Originally, Mel and Oksana were supposed to split custody of the baby and he was going to pay Oksana $20 Mil to keep quiet but then the tapes exploded!

Mel Gibson offered the mother of his illegitimate child almost $20 million to settle their bitter custody battle before it imploded, has exclusively learned.

But Oksana Grigorieva is rejecting the massive cash settlement because she would have had to share custody of their eight-month-old daughter Lucia.

“Mel wanted Oksana to sign an agreement that would have meant Lucia spends 80 per cent of her time with her mother and the remaining 20 per cent with her father,” said a source, familiar with the case.

“Over time, it could have increased to 50-50.

“Mel was offering a deal that would have landed Oksana almost $20 million over her lifetime, but despite the inducement, she couldn’t bring herself to sign the final agreement.

Mel was forgiven once before after he was arrested for a DUI and he made inappropriate comments but now we see a whole new Mel!

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