Is Taylor Swift’s Latest Feud With Kanye West A Publicity Stunt?

02/15/2016 - Taylor Swift - The 58th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals - Staples Center - Los Angeles, CA, USA - Keywords: Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 - False - Photo Credit: David Gabber / - Contact (1-866-551-7827) - Portrait Face Count: 1

Anything is possible these days and with Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s latest feud at an all time high we weren’t surprised when Fergie dropped a conspiracy theory on us. Fergie did an interview with Australia’s “The Kyle And Jackie O Show” and defended her friend, Kim Kardashian. “You’ve gotta respect her for sticking up for her husband.” But then Fergie added, “Knowing them, it’s probably a big master plan. They’ll probably all come together at the MTV Awards or something.”

This one might be a stretch…I really do think that Taylor and Kanye are in fact fueding, but hey you never know—it would be a huge year long April Fools Days joke!

Photo from PR Photos