J.K. Rowling Also Testifies Against Overzealous Media in the UK!

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J.K Rowling famous for her Harry Potter books is opening up about her invasion of privacy from the British media, The News of the World to be exact. Sienna Miller also testified!

The Harry Potter author has officially had enough of the aggressive U.K. media and has joined forces with other critics after proof of illegal practices surfaced in the wake of Rupert Murdoch’s phone hacking scandal. Rowling joined with celebs like Hugh Grant and Sienna Miller in testifying against Britain’s intrusive media in hopes of better regulation.

According to the LA Times, Rowling shared stories in front of judge Brian Leveson about how far the press has gone, too far in her estimation, including an incident in which a reporter snuck a note into her daughter’s school bag.

Rowling said: “I felt such a sense of invasion. It’s very difficult to say…how angry I felt that my 5-year-old daughter’s school was no longer a place of, you know, complete security from journalists.”

The best-selling author continued: “It feels threatening to have people watching you. The cumulative effect … becomes quite draining.”

Draining indeed, and unfortunately Rowling can’t write herself a solution: “I can’t put an invisibility cloaking device over myself and my house….I can’t pretend I have a magical answer. We have at the one end of the spectrum people who literally risk their lives to go and expose the truth about war and famine and revolution, and then at the other end we have behavior that is illegal and I think unjustifiably intrusive.”

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