Jacqueline Laurita Takes To Twitter To Clear Up Some Reunion Drama!

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Jacqueline Laurita’s name has been slung around in the mud for a few weeks now and Jacqueline took to Twitter to diffuse any rumors involving Teresa Giudice and she even said she has spoken to Dina Manzo…yeah reconciliation soon… I love these ladies!

Jacqueline tweeted,

Once again…I said what I needed to say to T to her face b4 the reunion.in reunion#3 we can’t discuss season#4 I had no fear in that.

There was a lot of hurt I was dealing with at the time. I don’t want to address this again.I’m excited for Atlanta now!! Love them!

Jacqueline even tweeted that she had spoken to Dina, “I talked to Dina for a while the other day. We are good.” And maybe Caroline and Dina will make up soon! “Caroline loves her sister Dina. I know this. This too shall pass.”

And lastly Jacqueline said she did not put out any cheating stories (probably about Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice)…Kim G did!

I’m not sneaky, if I have something to say,I’ll say it to your face and tweet impulsive twitter thoughts 4all 2see,not sell a story.

I didn’t put out those articles, but the person talking did

No,Kim G & her friend Erin did. But she did put out other articles of him cheating a while back

And Jacqueline even made a little joke regarding a tiff Teresa and Melissa had on the Reunion show, where Teresa called Melissa ‘americanized’!

I am a simple americanized girl, if I don’t throw a party like “Italians”r people judging me?note2self;more flowers next time

Jacqueline comes off very honest in all her tweets…love that and she does clear up some of the rumors too! Most of Jacqueline’s tweets occurred Sunday… the night of the reunion show, part 2!

Check out Jacqueline’s Twitter here!

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