Jamie Dornan Says Filming ‘Fifty’ In France After Attack Was An ‘Awful Situation’

"Fifty Shades of Grey" UK Premiere - Arrivals

Jamie Dornan of opening up on the difficult situation to continue filming Fifty Shades Darker in Nice, France after the terror attack.”It was, as you can imagine, a bloody awful situation,” Dornan told ComingSoon.net. “You’d be affected by it wherever you were in the world.”It’s been a few weeks since the tragic attack on Nice, where people were celebrating Bastille Day when a man plowed his truck killing at least 85 and injuring hundreds.

The 34-year-old actor says he was staying in Nice with his family (wife Amelia and two daughters) while filming the movie. “Most of the cast and crew were actually staying in Monaco, so there’s a little bit of distance there, but my family and I wanted a little bit more space so we were actually staying in Nice. The first thing everyone has to work out was is everybody safe, is the whole crew and cast safe.”

“Then you have the strange thing of the next day still trying to make this movie that’s costing millions of dollars to put together. There’s this contractual obligation to work the next day, which is a very strange environment to work in. It felt very frivolous and wrong to be making something as silly as a f**king movie the day after something like that happened.” Such a sad thing!

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