Jennifer Aniston Goes Topless for Smartwater!

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Jennifer Aniston is one of those women that seem to be getting better with age…here she is at 42, topless and HAWT for Smartwater!

Top 5 Ways Jennifer Aniston Stays Camera Ready via Shape Magazine,

1. One word: Yoga. Jennifer Aniston swears by yoga to stay fit, toned and balanced (inside and out) at any age. Check out some of her favorite poses with her personal yoga instructor Mandy Ingber here.

2. She gets her beauty sleep. Beauty sleep is the real deal. Jen aims for eight hours every night so that she always looks her best!

3. She eats simple, fresh food. Although Jen doesn’t love to cook, when she does, she keeps it fresh and simple, making healthy dishes like Greek salad, healthy soup, steak and grilled vegetables.

4. She does short bursts of cardio. While yoga is her first love when it comes to fitness, she also mixes short bursts of cycling, walking or running in each day. Twenty minutes is all it takes.

5. She drinks her H20. As the spokesperson for Smart Water, this one isn’t a surprise, but she says that she gets 100 ounces of water each day. Now that’s a girl who believes in what she’s promoting!

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