Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Need Prince Charming!

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Do you remember the American Music Awards where Jennifer Lopez not only performed and hosted, but she did her thang with 10 outfit changes. The triple threat dished that she was all bruised up after all those outfit changes and prep she told Instyle.“I had scratches and bruises everywhere from trying on so much stuff.” The diva talked about staying in her lane when it came to hosting—no comedy stunts for her.“I’m not going to try to be a comedian. I’m just going to play to my strengths.I’m a singer, I’m a dancer, and I’m a performer.”

And guess what JLo is not longer waiting for Prince Charming (even though she is back with Casper Smart). As girls, I think we are taught from a very young age that someone is is going to bring us our happiness. I was waiting for Prince Charming. Everybody I met was going to be the guy I was going to spend my life with. And then you realize, I’m strong, I’m my own keeper, my own savior. That’s been the journey for me.”

And Jennifer’s already ready for her Las Vegas show stint! “The show I’m doing is mine… It’s my vision. [I want it to be] very energetic, with great choreography, costumes, and music. Compared with an arena, Vegas is very intimate. I see this show as a chance for people to spend an evening with me and really get to know me.”

Photo from Instyle


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