Jennifer Lopez is a Big Spender!!

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Jennifer Lopez has money, we all know that but now that she is doing it big on American Idol she has no problems spending a little money on some expensive luxuries!

According to InTouch Magazine,

According to a pal, Jennifer has been stocking up since cashing her first Idol paycheck, buying everything from Gucci luggage, diamond bracelets and $3,000 shoes.

“Jennifer always had money, but this is the first time in years she’s getting a weekly check,” her friend explains.

“She’s a girl who loves to shop, and she is enjoying her riches and spending it on herself. Of course she is buying stuff for Marc and the twins, but the majority is for her,” says the friend.

“She is a style icon who is expected to look great 24/7. And she does.”

I wonder what her Idol paycheck look like? I hope she saves money too!!

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