Jennifer Lopez lost 20 pounds to get into NYE Bodysuit!!!

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Jennifer Lopez

Wow..that takes dedication. Jennifer had a lot of guts getting into that skintight bodysuit and I wouldn’t do it but I just didn’t like Jennifer in that outfit…

Even though Jennifer used to be hardcore about her workout regimen she still likes her curves (and rice and beans) and them skinny girls don’t know what they are missing!!

“It’s true I could serve coffee using my rear as a ledge, but I’m proud of my butt. A dress shouldn’t look like a coat hanger. Skinny girls miss out.” She credits boxing for her nifty figure. Personal trainers turned her on to that to shape up originally for her role in 1998’s “Out of Sight.” Perfect for her self-confessed “wild side,” the sport helps with the cardiovascular stuff. She also runs, does weights, StairMaster, and several times a week “light circuit training and cardio. Also biking, weight machines and lunges to keep those thigh muscles firm.”

The famous bodysuit heard around the WORLD!!!!

Via NY Post

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