Jennifer Lopez: ‘Parker’ Screening in NYC!

FilmDistrict With The Cinema Society, L'Oreal Paris And Appleton Estate Host A Screening Of "Parker" - Arrivals

Jennifer Lopez looked stunning in a winter white coat for the FilmDistrict with the Cinema Society, L’Oreal Paris and Appleton Estate Screening of “Parker.” Lopez recently opened up to USAToday about the demise of her marriage and her new Parker movie role, “”What I needed in that moment was (to know) that it all gets better. You just have to hang in there. It gets better. When (director Taylor Hackford) first called me (about the role), I wasn’t thinking about divorce at all. Suddenly it happened and my whole world fell apart and then I had this therapy of this character. Everything happens for a reason. It’s true. It actually is true.”

“When I did the movie, I had just decided to get divorced myself. I felt in that low place. It was the worst time in my life, as well. (Emme and Max) didn’t know anything. They’re starting to figure it out now, a year and a half later. They were just 3 at the time.”

Photo from PR Photos

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