Jermaine Jones Didn’t Realize He Broke ‘Idol’ Rules!

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Jermaine Jones may have lost his chance at American Idol but he says he is doing ‘well.’ “I’ve been getting myself together, working on some new music and looking forward to recording soon … I feel amazing. I have amazing fans and an amazing team.”

Jermaine told People that he did not know he would be confronted on camera by the producers, “I did not know any of it. I was actually confused. I didn’t know what was going on. And I walked in and there were all these lights and cameras. I didn’t know what was going on.”

Jermaine goes on to say that he did admit he was arrested in the past, “They did have a question [in which you had to admit] that you were arrested, and that I did do. And they did an extensive background check. When I went home [after my first elimination] and then I went back, I thought, they’ve done the research at this point. I was a little bit confused.” Jermaine says he did not know he had broken Idol‘s rules, “I did not know I was breaking the rules, because before I went, I had to obtain a lawyer and take care of some fines before I could go. I just thought everything was taken care of.

Jermaine has several warrants for his arrest, “Two for giving a false name, one allegation of a fight and one for driving with a suspended license. They were all minor charges but of course it was a big deal. Who wants a criminal past? It was a very big deal for me.

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