Jersey Shore Recap: Did Snooki Hookup With The Situation?

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Did Snooki Hookup With The Situation?…This is the question that has haunted us since the end of season 4…is it weird that the cast didn’t get a break from season 4 to season 5, obviously leading to the high tensions!

The cast lands back in NJ after their Italy trip. They are surprised by their family and friends at a restaurant and the drama quickly escalates from here…The Situation begins his anti-Snooki campaign and brings in his friend/witness to the Snooki/Situation hookup, The Unit (yes that’s his name) to stir up trouble and when Snooki begins to diss The Unit…he threatens to spill her beans and Jionni happens to be at the restaurant too. Snooki gets highly upset and almost looks to have a guilty conscience…so who you you believe in the Snooki or The Situation. Oh yea and Vinny wants to go home because he is homesick and Pauly sleeps with Snooki’s friend Ryder, even though she has slept with Vinny and The Unit (all currently in the house) leaving Deanna a little jealous. Sammi, Ronnie and JWoww were all the calmest of the episode!

FYI, The Unit was the ‘friend’ that was caught with drugs on the show and arrested!

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