‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Brushing Up On Italian with Rosetta Stone

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I knew it…I knew that most if not all of the Jersey Shore cast didn’t know much Italian ( or at least don’t speak it). Pauly D and Ronnie are brushing up on there Italian via Rosetta Stone…good for them.

Ronnie and Pauly D from “Jersey Shore” have barely mastered English — but TMZ has learned they’re already trying their hands at Italiano … all in preparation for their new season abroad.

A rep from Rosetta Stone tells TMZ, they sent their Italian language program to several members of the “Jersey Shore” cast — and according to a source close to the show … Ronnie and Pauly have already made impressive progress with the program.

In fact, Ronnie even talked about his progress on Friday’s TMZ Live.

No word on the other cast members’ language-learning plans — except for Deena Cortese … whose rep tells us, she’d rather spend her time hitting on guys than studying those word thingies.

Me fail English? That’s unpossible.

Do you think any of the castmates know Italian…?

Photo from MTV

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