Jersey Shore Recap: Vinny Heads Home!

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Jersey Shore lost one of its cast mates on last night’s episode…it was Vinny (we did see him leave during the summer)! Vinny had been moping around the Jersey Shore house since he arrived and then he revealed that he suffers for clinical anxiety. Vinny never had a chance to breath from his roommates and the ‘craziness’  since season 4 and 5 were filmed back to back and he missed his family! Awww! Everyone tried to keep Vinny from leaving but they couldn’t keep him around…don’t feel too bad Vinny will make a return!

What else happened:

Pauly hooks up with a girl and then she steals his diamond necklace (she puts it in her crotch…ewww) and then she returns the next days with it! Was it all a plan to get back in the Shore house or did she steal it and then have a guilty conscience?

Snoooki drinks too much and The Sitch & Jionni are friend?

Deana finds a friend at the club to make out with!

Sammi, Ronni and JWoww are the calmest in the episode…again!

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