Jersey Shore Stars Ronnie & Sammi Split For Good This Time?

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It looks like the Jersey Shore Ronnie/Sammi saga is over for now. We all saw Sammi look like a two timer (even though Ronnie did the same thing in Miami) and now it looks like its over but they will head to Italy for season 4 so we get more drama!

Ronnie talks to Life & Style about their relationship,

“Some people are just toxic to each other,” Ronnie tells Life & Style.

For three seasons, the love-torn roommates have tried to make their rocky romance work, but when Sammi lied about hooking up with another, Ronnie realized he needed his space. “Cheating is where I draw the line,” states Ronnie, 25, who says he’s too young for a relationship.

Sammi, 24, says the guy was just a friend, but now she says she’ll never speak to him again. “I was given a bad-luck streak, and it was like everything at once came tumbling down,” Sammi tells Life & Style.

“We’re better off career- and health-wise figuring out what we need for ourselves,” says Ronnie.

Do you think they will hook up again?

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