Jersey Shore’s Snooki Goes on Cookie Diet!

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Snooki got teased for her weight when she was on the first season of Jersey Shore and now she is doing something about it…she is going on the cookie diet! I have heard about this diet where you replace some of your meals with the cookie.I don’t know about that…what happened to old fashioned…changing your diet and eating healthy and exercising!

The petite MTV reality star has turned to Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet to drop a few pounds and look smokin’ this summer. “I tried all the diet pills, and nothing works. I love cookies, and I thought Dr. Siegal looks pretty hot on the box, so I wanted to try it out,” Snooki tells In Touch, reporting that she has already lost 5 pounds and hopes to lose 10 more. Dr. Siegal says the diet, which includes six cookies a day plus a well-rounded dinner, can work for everyone. “There are no failures!” he tells In Touch. The only problem? Snooki, who was frequently spotted in Miami downing margaritas with beer bottles in them, has to give up drinking for the plan. “With my busy work schedule, I shouldn’t be drinking” anyway, notes Snooki.

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