Aww, Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen “Taking a Break”!!!

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Aww why are Rachel and Hayden “taking a break“…I am sad! Those two are so cute together! The couple are taking some time off to re-evaluate

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are “taking a break,”

a source tells The two announced their engagement in February 2009. Bilson, 28, flashed a ringless finger to Us on the red carpet of the Take No Prisoners event in L.A. Wednesday night. When asked how wedding plans were going, she said, “No, no plans” and pointed to her bare hand. “No nothing.”The source says the couple — who co-starred in 2008 action flick Jumper — are “taking about a month off” and will then revisit their relationship to decide if they should stay together.

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