Jesse James Wins In Court…Gets To Move to TX!

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Jesse James wants to be closer to Sandra Bullock and so he wants to move to Texas but…Sunny’s mother in in Cali…but she has some issues (drugs, jail) so Jesse gets full physical custody of Sunny and gets to move to Texas…a victory for Jesse! Noe Janine may have to move to Texas to be closer to Sunny!

According to TMZ,

The judge in the Jesse James/Janine Lindemulder custody battle just ruled Jesse can take daughter Sunny to live in Texas.

When the judge in Orange County make the ruling, Janine — who’s been trying to block the move so she could visit Sunny — dropped her head on the table and began sobbing. Shortly after she screamed, “I’ll move, I’ll move!”

The judge ruled Jesse and Janine will have joint legal custody, but Jesse will have physical custody.

One small victory for Janine … the judge allowed her to have physical custody of Sunny until school starts in Texas.

TMZ spoke with Janine after the ruling, and she said she could not compete with Jesse and Sandra and the “nice things they provide.” She said she may let Sunny go to Texas early and hopes, “Someday I will be her mother again.”

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