Jessica Simpson calls Perez Hilton…”sad”!!!

Perez Hilton arrives at the 37th American Music Awards in Los Angeles

Perez Hilton made a few choice comments about Jessica’s nephew, Bronx and Jessica Tweeted her disgust at what he said.

Does perez hilton..whatever his name really is..have no heart at all?Don’t ever attack my family again.Sad to know u hate so deeply.Sad 4 U”

Perez …leave the kiddies alone!

This is what Perez said,

“It’s been one year since Asslee pushed Bronx Mowgli through her vayjayjay and it’s all the family is talking about!”

“Poor lil’ thing doesn’t stand a chance!!!”

I don’t know what Perez is referring to but it’s a little harsh when commenting on a little baby! Don’t mess with Jessica…