Joe Budden & Consequence Fight During “Love & Hip Hop” Reunion Taping!

Joe Budden

Uhh, now the guys are fighting rappers Joe Budden and Consequence had two altercations yesterday while taping the reunion special for Love & Hip Hop. Allegedly it all started when Consequence smacked Budden in the head during a break from the reunion. He later tweeted, “”Just Smacked The SH– outta @JoeBudden at the #LHHReunion Everybody have a Nice Day…. #QueensAllDa.” Budden told radio station Hot 97 that Consequence actually hit him and ran off so he didn’t have as much time to react, but his ex-girlfriend/co-star Tahiry Jose was able to hit Consequence before he ran off. Budden then went on to say he wanted to meet Consequence off camera.The it looks like a second altercation happened between the guys and police were involved this time, this time Budden tweeted, “Yo @ItsTheCons u good or nah. Hope son ight, I was headed home & seen dude talking to police while Jen was crying.. #QueensAllDay tho.” Consequence’s rebuttal, “@JoeBudden Y’all hit like bitches #straightlikethat Actually Tahiry hit me harder n—a. I told the Police that I don’t press charges.”

Photo from VH1

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