Orlando Bloom Warned Miranda Kerr Over Nude Photos

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Remember those recent nude photos of Orlando Bloom on the paddle board with girlfriend Katy Perry—-well his ex-wife got a little warning about them. Miranda recently dished on the nude photos heard around the world during her chat with on Australia’s “Kyle and Jackie O.” “Oh my God, he texted me and was like, ‘Um, I’m really embarrassed. Some photos are coming out, just thought I should let you know,’” she said. “And I was like, hmmm … right, what were you thinking? Seriously! What were you thinking? Obviously, he wasn’t.”

Those photos were pretty crazy, but he got naked again a few days later on vacay so…we thik he’s just comfy in his own skin. We hope his son with Miranda will understand one day–well his mommy gets naked too—as a model so he will probably be an open kinda guy.

Photo from PR Photos