Justin Bieber Macy’s ‘Attacker’ Actually an Undercover Cop!

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Ok, So Justin Bieber was not attacked or knocked down to the ground yesterday during the Macy’s fragrance launch. So allegedly an undercover police officer thought that the crowd was becoming unruly when Justin came out to sign some autographs ( which was not planned) and came to his rescue,  but then a secrity guard for the Biebs was cited for disorderly conduct. The whole story is weird? Why would the cop go after Bieber is everything was under control and the crowd was not unruly?

According to TMZ,

A member of Justin Bieber’s personal security team was cited for disorderly conduct today after the singer had a frightening run-in with an undercover cop in NYC … but it was all one MAJOR misunderstanding.

Bieber was signing autographs outside of Macy’s when the crowd became unruly … and a plainclothes police officer rushed to help the singer.

Problem is — Bieber didn’t know the guy was a cop — so when the cop got close to Justin … Bieber got defensive thinking he was a crazy fan. A member of Bieber’s security team immediately grabbed the cop and tried to pull him away.

The cop quickly identified himself — and cited the security team member for disorderly conduct.

But this story has a happy ending … sources connected to the situation tell us both sides straightened everything out — and Bieber is still signing autographs inside the department store.

But a spokesperson for the NYPD had this to say to THR,

A spokesperson for the NYPD tells The Hollywood Reporter that there was no attack on Bieber, and that the crowd was “not out of control.”

“One of his bodyguards failed to follow lawful order,” the spokesperson explains, citing an order to move.

“[Bieber] was not even touched,” he adds. “The only person touched was the bodyguard.”

“This was a momentary, well-intentioned misunderstanding that was quickly resolved,” a rep for the singer tells THR. “The event went very well.”

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