Justin Bieber & Nick Jonas Offered Millions To Perform At RNC

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Justin Bieber may not be able to vote in this country—he’s Canadian (and we are not sure if he is a US citizen), but the Republican party was ready to throw millions at the pop star to perform at the Republican National Convention.

According to TMZ, Justin was offered a whopping $5 million, but turned it down because his manager said he would quit and LeBron James told him not to. He would have had to perform near the Quicken Loans Arena for 45 minutes…insane for $5 million! Sources say Justin’s  talent agency CAA was contacted about the deal and they were told that the concert would have no affiliation with an political party or Trump—-but the concert would have been paid for by GOP donors. He seriously considered it as it would have been his single biggest payday but decided against it. His manager Scooter Braun is a big Hillary Clinton supporter—and he felt the performance would be “100 percent political.” So he had a conflict with this one!

NIck Jonas was offered a gig too, but at a slightly smaller price tag—he would have played a free concert for Cleveland for hosting the RNC (paid for by a private donor). He had a previous engagment, but we aren;t sure if he would have taken the job or not.

Photo from PR Photos