JWoww Slams Plastic Surgery Rumors, Post Makeup-Free Photo

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JWoww-No Makeup

Jenni “JWoww” Farley gave birth to her daughter Meilani just a few weeks ago but the new mom is being slammed with reports she’s had a little plastic surgery or procedure done to her face and even dubbed her a ‘pillow’ face. Jenni slammed the new report, “Very flattered radar online that u think I had all that work done but I’m just a plain jane mom with wrinkles without makeup… But kudos to u and ur site awesome material… Very riveting.”

Jenni was referring to a new report from Radar Online claiming she’s had some work done —some fillers or injections in her face. Jenni has admitted to getting breat implants when she turned 21, but denies doing anything else. I always though she did something to her lips. But Jenni is not opposed to surgery she told People. “I would do anything if it makes me feel good. I don’t like touching my face only because I’m always scared you can never go back. All those nose jobs and cheek implants and stuff like that, people get those and can never go back to what they were. I love my nose.” But added she would do Botox, “I’m getting up there in age – I’m about to be 30. I don’t like wrinkles. But I wouldn’t go overboard and get that frozen face when you’re trying to cry and look like you’re smiling.”

On a side note, how much does Meilani look like Roger.


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