Are The Kardashians Upset Over Obama Diss?

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The Kardashian’s are used to being adored by millions but they were a little miffed at a new iVillage article where Michelle Obama says her hubby, Pres. Barack Obama does not like the Kardashian show that much! Well I don’t think its for little girls to watch!

The Kardashian clan says they were completely blindsided when Michelle Obama revealed that Barack doesn’t like when their daughters watch their reality show … insisting the President has them pegged all wrong.

The K-squad is telling friends … they read Michelle’s new interview with iVillage … in which she said, “Barack really thinks some of the Kardashians — when they watch that stuff — he doesn’t like that as much.”

We’re told the Kardashians were “surprised” by the news … because Obama personally told Khloe he thought “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” was a “great show” when they met last year.

In fact, the Kardashians believe Sasha and Malia could actually LEARN something from the show … because it features girls in real-life situations facing real-life problems … health, relationships, the whole gamut.

Keeping up with the Kardashians is mostly harmless, but I would not say its for a younger audience! Some of their contenet is inappropriate for minors!


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